why choose us?
juneau jeep adventure founders, Molly and Mark Kiesel, love sharing their
Alaskan way of life.  

Mark is a life long Alaskan whose family proudly goes back three generations
and has roots in Alaska's aviation community. Molly is a Pacific Northwest
transplant who came to visit and never left. They share a passion for Southeast
Alaska and the outdoor lifestyle it provides them (Molly wore Xtratufs at their

From remote coves “out the road”, to the marble steps of the Capitol, to whale
watching on their morning commute, Molly and Mark are honored to share with
you their fair city and the unique contrasts it offers. They are dedicated to safety
and providing you the highest quality customer service delivered with a sense of
warmth, friendliness, and Alaskan adventure.

After 5 successful years of jeep adventures, they have decided to take a little
more personal time to enjoy family and outdoors. Both Mark and Molly are still
here in Juneau and will continue to be as involved as needed.

You'll now be met at your ship or local lodging by one of the team members from
Alaska Galore Tours who will get you to your driver and jeep for your adventure
here in Juneau. Louis Juergens & Jamie Letterman are excited that you chose to
book your Juneau excursion with Juneau Jeep Adventures!

Come explore Southeast Alaska with us at
juneau jeep adventures!
The little black jeep that began it all.
Mark & Molly in their favorite attire...
fishing gear.